December 18, 2007

Yes, it’s true! We have MORE snow! Just yesterday another 8-10 inches fell in Bethel, Maine. It was a great storm for Snow Ball weekend.

Unfortunately I haven’t been doing a good job of carrying my camera around. There were some spiffy dressers at Satruday’s Snow Ball festivities. I was particularly impressed with Gould’s young women. All year we see them tromping around campus in Ugs, flip flops, and sneakers. Then on Snow Ball night they slip into those super-comfy spiky heels and waltz from Gehring, to Holden, to Ordway, to Bingham, and back to Gehring. Very impressive, ladies.

Pete, Reiley, and I went to the Holden appetizer gathering. I too put on my highest heels (nothing compared to the real champs out there) and knee-high overboots. I think the overboots really made the outfit come together. You know, black dress, black knee-high nylon overboots. Perhaps I’m getting too practical in my “old age.” I did take the overboots off once we got there (I do have some class still).

The lounge looked lovely and the food was incredible. Many students volunteered to roll sushi on Saturday afternoon. It was so appreciated! Other popular items were chicken satay, baked brie, baked brie with portabella mushrooms, shrimp, veggies and dip… it was quite the spread. Life is good when Brian Scheidegger is planning your meals!

Saturday afternoon the farm’s horses took the sleigh out for it’s first spin around the upper field. Dinah and Tinker had their work cut out for them! The sleigh is on the heavy side and I’m pretty sure the runners had grass and dirt stuck to the bottoms. Tinker, the younger horse, hasn’t yet learned to pace herself. She pulls as hard as she can, all the time. More time working and she’ll figure out how to get the job done without wearing herself out.

As I said, I didn’t carry my camera around enough this week. But, here are some happy cows and a stylish traveler in winter wonderland. Snow in town means snow in the mountains. Sunday River is opening trails left, right, and center!

Until next week, GLOGGERS.



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