Snowboard Results February 2021

February 23, 2021
A lot has been happening with Gould snowboarding!
The FIS slopestyle team (Cooper Provencher, Nate Pare, Joe Senner, Aidan Mahoney) had their Colorado competition rescheduled for late March, but spent their time training. Coach Dustin reports excellent conditions and all of the riders learning new tricks on big jumps; tricks they could not have learned here at Sunday River. This includes a backside double 1080 by senior Aidan Mahoney. The crew arrived home Saturday and is in quarantine until their 2nd covid test comes back. Thank you to Mr. Parker and all of their teachers for supporting them on the trip.

Watch a bit of the action on Instagram

Dali Gao is still in China, but his competitive season came to an abrupt end as he came up short on a feature while training on the FIS World Championship course for the 2022 Olympic Test event and fractured a bone in his heel. He is in Beijing now with his family and figuring out his next move. He still has a good shot at the China Olympic SBX team.
We have had several USASA Maine Mountain Series comps in the past two weeks.
BX/SX at Sunday River 2/11 and 2/12
Tyler Hamel 1st, 1st (solo)
Quade Walls 1st, 1st (solo)
Sofia Stasinos 1st, 1st (solo)
Bri Schnorrbusch DNS, 1st
Alex Collins 1st, 2nd
Mason Hamel 4th, 4th
Dylan Meyer 8th, 8th
Hailey Hessinger DNF (concussed during her first heat, but reported having fun in her first SX race)
Molly Hagan 2nd, 2nd
Eva Stasinos and Olivia Hagan both sat this series out as they were injured.
GS @ Titcomb 2/20
Tyler Hamel 2nd, 1st
Quade Walls 1st, 2nd
Sofia Stasinos 2nd, 2nd
Bri Schnorrbusch 1st, 1st
Olivia Hagan 2nd, 2nd
Alex Collins 3rd, 3rd
Mason Hamel 4th, DQ
Luke Ford 2nd, 3rd

Upcoming Races

USASA Rail Jam @ Lost Valley Fri 2/26
USASA Slopestyle @ Sunday River Sun 2/28

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