December 17, 2007

3 days en-counting until we are on the Christmas break, and it will be a great relief to be on it too. Classes have kind of come to a climax lately, all the teachers are trying not to be caught mid-subject at the beginning of break. In English, I gave a soliloquy from Hamlet and I have an in-class essay on Tuesday. In music tech, we’re working on a recorded report on an artist, with music of theirs intertwined in it. Calculus has me finding extrema, inflection points, and sketching graphs using the functions first and second derivatives. In AP Gov., we’re learning all about the Political parties and what they do. In Spanish class, we were learning about the Barroce (I don’t really know how to spell it in English) time period and are giving presentations on poems from that time. A lot is going to be due in this next week, but we’ll be on break before you know it.

We had Saturday classes this past weekend, but it was still one of the best weekends because of the amazing Snowball. So I finally figured out what costume I would wear this year. I went for a suit coat Santa, a red suit with, of course, a big Santa hat. It worked well, but especially since my friend Thacher “Ori-grammy” Stone dressed up in an amazing Buddy the Elf costume. We looked good…real good. We had a great reception in the Holden Lounge, were I felt like there were more pictures happening than Paparazzi on the red Carpet. Then we had a meal worthy of Kings, Butternut squash, and Salmon, and Green Beans. But nothing quite matched up to the dance, the Big Band rocked the gym. I’ve always like Swing Dancing, you can really work up a sweat doing all the swinging and twirling and dancing. This snowball was bittersweet because I’ve been going to Snowballs since I was very very young, and this was my last one, but it was a great one and a good one to end on.

Bethel got a ton of snow today, I was lucky enough to go skiing yesterday and it was amazing. Thing to look forward to this week is definitely going to be Yulefest, its always great to see how much work the band and chorus and other performers have put in for this great night. But thats all for now, thanks for reading!


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