Snowball Prep

December 14, 2015

Snowball was this evening. But I am not going to write about what happened tonight. I am sure all the other gloggers will cover the event itself. I want to talk about the preparations for the event.

We go a little crazy decorating for snowball. We put somewhere between 175 and 200 man hours into decorating the gym in the week leading up to snowball. Over the weekend, they go out and cut 75-80 firs and birches. We then stand them, hang lights, make snowbanks, set up the disco ball, hang a grid and many paper snowflakes, and many more little details. We turn Bingham Gym into a winter wonderland for the evening.  The Rugrats spent last Tuesday and Wednesday working to make the gym look great. I wanted to share a few pictures of the set up, and a few pictures of the preparations that went on this afternoon.


Ankey has help edited

Ankey has lots of managerial support.

Conrad does high lights square

Conrad gets the lights onto the very top of the tree.

Hunter cuts the snow square

Hunter cuts sheets of snow.

Jessie hangs snow flakes square

Jessie fluffs the big snowflakes.

Ken on a ladder square

Ken decorates the tree in the middle of the room.

Sean hangs stuff up square

Sean gets some direction as he hangs lights.

Sherry lights a tree square

Sherry preps the back row of trees.

Andrew and Lela Practice square

Andrew and Lela get a final bit of swing dance practice in before the big event.

ken gets a haircut square

                                     Photo: Masa Yasumoto

Last minute hair cuts in Davidson.

Untied tie square

Lots of tie tying. I had to help with some.

Holden leaves the dorm square

The boys of Holden are ready.

No individual profiles this week. I’ll make sure to have an extra one or two next week.


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Such a wonderful event, Snowball. Nice to see the behind the scenes shots, all the preparation and participation.

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