December 15, 2008


Well, this weekend was the much anticipated snowball. We had Saturday class two weeks in a row!, but that’s alright snowball made up for it. After class I went Nordic skiing at Great Glen Trails with the Nordic team. We skied about 30km with excellent views of the presidentials. When we returned it was time to get ready for snowball. 
The reception in Holden lounge had sushi and appetizers of all sorts, along with eggnog, a season staple. Dinner in Ordway was most excellent with salmon and roast. Then the dancing, everyone made their way to Bingham gym. It no longer looked like a gym, but a winter
 wonderland. M.C. with the help of students turned the gym into a room full of spruce, birch with lights draped all around. The band played three sets of great music that lasted until 11pm.
Sunday was a quiet cold sunny day. After a good long sleep and brunch I did some home work so that during study hall I could throw some pottery. Right now we are throwing porcalin as well as bottomless pieces. When you throw bottomless you push through all the way to the wheel head so that when you take the piece off the wheel there is a hole at both ends, this way you can alter the shape dramatically. We are working towards oval serving dishes and eventually tea pots!
See you all this weekend at Yule fest,
Tom Duggan

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