Snow or No Snow……….. that is the question

April 6, 2008

Chris has returned from the USASA National Championships, Copper, Colorado, 10 Gould athletes ventured to the West coast to compete in all the different disciplines, Slalom and Giant Slalom, Boardercross, Halfpipe and Slopestyle. For those of you who are not sure what is invloved in each of these events, here’s a quick description
Slalom – Racing through gates on a tight course.
Giant Slalom – Racing through gates on a longer more open course.
Boardercross – A race of 6 athletes together, over jumps, rollers and through tight bends.
Halfpipe – Performing tricks in a 18ft halfpipe , judged on how high you can get out of the pipe and difficulty of the tricks, 360’s, 520’s etc
Slopestyle – Performing tricks on a course of huge jumps and rails.
Long days with changing conditions challenged the athletes, Sarah Dennen, came up trumps with a 4th in Slopestyle and 8th in Bordercross, Conor McCarthy came in 5th in Slalom and Robbie Moulton came 18th in Slopestlye, this is just a few of the results
A great time was had by all and an successful end to long winter.
I ventured down to Portland to watch the boys Varsity Lacrosse against Berwick Academy, there was bitterly cold wind blowing across the all weather field and the fans were all wrapped up not just blankets but also the intensity of the game and it was close one. At one point in the game we were 7-6 up, the game ended 11-8 to Berwick but the boys put up a valiant battle.


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