Snow falling on Huskies

October 28, 2011

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

Before you go ahead and assume that I have a horrible sense of humor and made the lamest joke ever after reading my title, I want to clarify something: I’m not talking about Gould “Huskies” (aka students), but rather actual huskies. Like, the dog breed.

Today for my digital photography class, taught by Dirk MacKnight, our assistant director of communications (nice guy & awesome teacher, by the way), we went on one of our many surprise photo trips. This time, Dirk took us to Mahoosuc Guide service, located up towards Grafton Notch from Bethel. We got the amazing chance to meet, play with, and of course photograph the dogs that they use for dogsledding tours in the winter. They were incredible–definitely the smartest, most interesting creatures I’ve ever been around.

My friend Sarah and I decided today that we want to try to go to Mahoosuc during the winter and actually go dogsledding. It would be awesome to see these amazing dogs at work now that we’ve seen them wag their tails and grin at us in that adorable husky way.

Here’re a few pictures from our trip:









The dogs really loved Jamin. She definitely reciprocated.


As for the snow part, yes, as I made the 1 1/2 minute trek from my house to Hanscom Hall last night for study hall, IT WAS SNOWING! At Gould especially, snow is always greatly anticipated and almost universally loved by the student body. I would go so far as to say that some here worship snow (cough, competition program, cough cough). I love how the attitude on campus changes when snow starts to accumulate. People get excited again; everyone is so over-the-top thrilled to start skiing again that we let all of our stress and problems fade away, and enjoy the presence of that white fluffy stuff as much as possible.

I tried to capture the flakes so I could post some evidence, but for the first time ever, my iPhone’s camera failed me… so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

See you next week & happy winter!



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