Snow Day

January 13, 2011

So Gould is a strange place at times ….. and today was No Exception. A snow day for most of New England except Gould Academy….

The students all went to class in the morning as normal, and then had various types of new and interesting sports as the roads were too snowy  for the vans to go to the mountain.  A day that has become a yearly tradition for the Competition Snowboard Team.


which involved  a drainage pipe, multiple hills around campus and a bungee cord…..

There was igloo and snowman building, cross counrtry skiing, sledding and other shenanigans.
There was also an independent study hall being conducted  by a few of the students in the lobby of Gehring.

Gehring Lobby

We also set up the new Wii fit  in the basement  for the girls, to start up a workout and yoga area for the girls. This was bought with the money earned from recycling in the dorm and some generous donations of recyclables.

Oh and one young lady wore a bag on her head, because she was fed up explaining how she got a raspberry on her face. (massive laid out backflips, if you want to know)

Adios from Snowy Bethel

The Davies’s’s’s’s


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