Snow Banks, 4 Point Bank

February 12, 2008

This weekend many Gould parents and grandparents braved winter storms to come spend some time with us on campus. In addition to catching up with family, teachers, and advisors, many participated in the auctions, which are held to raise funds to support Gould’s 4 Point programs. The theme was “Orient Express,” in recognition of the freshman trip to China and the Chinese New Year. The biding was generous. Thanks to everyone who can and does support the school.

It sounds like the old refrain, but, “Oh, the SNOW!” This winter is truly remarkable. Down at the barn many of the fences are completely buried by the snow. At this point the animals are content to move only between their shelter, their food, and their water. None are venturing far enough to even notice the fences are buried. Tonight is another cool and windy one- extra hay and warm water for everyone! Rosemary, Beccah and the bio students have been doing a great job of caring for our animals. We’ve even been joined by Adam… in the morning!!

On a personal note, the broken finger I mentioned last week wasn’t healing very well. Just today I got a beautiful cast to really protect it and allow it to heal. I declined the offer to have the bones shifted and set with screws. I’ll have one crooked and shorter finger. But since I haven’t been getting many offers to be a hand model I don’t think it’ll change my life much. Today I adore the cast because the injury feels safe and relaxed. I doubt I’ll feel the same way in 2 weeks!

Come out and support the basketball teams on Tuesday and Wednesday nights if you’re in the area!

Until next week, Gloggers,



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