Snow Ball….It’s coming…

December 1, 2011

So one of the traditions at Gould Academy is our Snowball. Due to our crazy schedules in the winter, we don’t have a prom in the true sense of the word. We have SNOWBALL. And it’s awesome.

Learning the steps

I’m not 100% sure of the plans for Snowball this year, but if any other year is to go by. There will be a live swing band, and lots of dancing. And a beautiful decoration job done by MC and a team of elves.

..........and the girls

The boys..

Last night was dance practice, and for the first time, more boys than girls went to get their “swing” on.

C'mon ladies, Bo and Zach need a partner...!!

So the tradition contiues, Snowball at Gould. Pictures after Dec 10th.

The Davies’s’s’s



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