Balance, or S’mores and Nutrition

March 2, 2015

If you don’t think that marshmallows and nutrition can go together, you’ve never experienced Sophomore Four Point here at Gould Academy.

We kicked off our evening last night with a big group meeting. All the mundane details were covered (schedules, ground rules, etc), but not without having a little fun too. Jimmy Catlin ’07 holds an important record in the Sophomore Point. On his first evening, he was able to name all of his classmates, first and last names, AND their hometowns.


Alicia, momentarily stumped by one name.

The same challenge was presented to the class of 2017, and a few brave souls gave it a try. Mr. Catlin’s record stands, but props to Carleigh, Alicia, and Victor for giving it a shot.

We then moved downstairs to Ordway Dining Room for an event hosted by Gould’s Alumni Association.

The event began with a speed networking BINGO challenge, where Sophomores asked Alums about their experiences.

Chris Brooks, '99, exchanges a high five with Donnie.

Chris Brooks, ’99, exchanges a high five with Donnie.

Every Alum knows the way to a Gouldie’s heart is through her/his stomach, and our Alums shamelessly exploited that fact with table top s’mores.

It looked a little like this…


Everything in balance, though, because today we focued on well being and health.

First we split up into two groups (boys and girls). The boys were joined by Eric Barthold who led a guided discussion called, “Man Up and Open Up” in which they reflected on what it means to be a man in today’s culture. The girls were joined by two Colby College students representing Hardy Girls Healthy Women.  The girls participated in a guided presentation about the portrayal of women in the media and what kind of messages are sent and received.

Then, Alayna Morin, Nutritional and Culinary Consultant from Red Bird Wellness joined us for an excellent presentation about nutrition followed by some first hand, healthy snack making/eating!

Alayna gives the students a quick how-to on knife safety!

Alayna gives the students a quick how-to on knife safety!

Everyone did a great job preparing three tasty snacks from scratch without processed ingredients: ramen, granola bars, and mini frittatas.



Matt’s really getting his hands into it


Granola Bars, pre baking

Hakuna Frittata.

Hakuna Frittata. (Thanks Hefe)

Sean chops with skill and focus.

Sean chops with skill and focus.

Ellen chops lots of garlic for the soup. Yum!

Ellen chops lots of garlic for the soup. Yum!


Richie and Schuyler L. stir up some tasty soup broth.















The afternoon was wrapped up with some guided meditation, intentional breathing, and yoga thanks to Kate Roberti, ’09.

It may or may not have looked a lot like this.

Finally, we concluded today with some journaling and meeting with our community service groups for tomorrow. It’s shaping up to be a great week!


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