Smiles all around!

October 29, 2012

Ah, another Sunday passes, and the stress of another week of classes piles on.

But that says that I had a good weekend, right? Well…

On Friday after sports, I grabbed all of my stuff for the race at Camden Snowbowl (yes, the last one) and headed for Camden. We rented a hotel room so that I could potentially race, because ACTs were on Saturday morning.

So we got there, and hopped in a hot tub first thing. It was great to relax for that short amount of time before the Test.

And it was great to take the test, for once. Having gotten a pretty good score on my first test, it was pretty low pressure for me. I had few worries in my mind as I filled in the bubbles, and I finished every question on every test! It really helps when you aren’t stressed because you don’t focus on each individual question so much. After I got out, I looked around, and everyone who had taken the test looked super nervous. I decided to smile, tell a joke and try to get a couple to laugh while I took their mind off the stressful things. I think it worked, and by the time they reached the doors they went from looking absolutely panic stricken to smiling at the beautiful day outside.

Luckily, I got out at 12:15. The race was at 1:00, so we drove over to the snowbowl, I put on my riding clothes and rode around for a few minutes. Then I got back, and got in line for the race. I’d say that once we were done, everyone had a smile on their face. I was really happy to see that everyone had a good time suffering through the last race, and now it’s time to head into a couple of weeks of no-stress, easy rides (and stacking wood.)

There’s just something about that release of stress, whether you are nearing the end of your homework for the night or the end of the course! So find something challenging that you’ve been putting off for a while, do it, and enjoy the weight off of your shoulders! It’ll put a smile on your face faster than just about anything else! (Short of snow falling. Snow falling will put a smile on anyone’s face faster than anything right now. I’m sick of this whole “fall” thing. It’s overstayed its welcome!) 🙂

Smile of the day yesterday goes to Brooks Layman ’14, who was obviously enjoying the tech downhill last lap of the day!

I hope everyone stays safe with the inclement weather on the way, and that blue skies will find their way back soon!

Have a good week!



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