slip into happiness

December 27, 2010

‘Tis the season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa… Happy New Years, Happy Snowdays. ‘Tis the season to be happy, and to celebrate.

As I sit here writing this entry, I look out the window and see a blizzard.  The beauty of a blizzard is something that is not too easily described.  When most people think about the enormous amount of snow that is about to fall in such a storm, they panic.  They get terrified of the fact that their power may go off, or they may be stuck in their home for more than a day.  You know how I look at a blizzard? Well I look at it as a chance to sit back at watch mother nature at her finest.

My driveway becomes completely non-existent.  A wall of snow pushes up against the door, creating another barrier against my house.  Icicles form on edges of my roof.  My windows shake with the heavy winds that blow in every direction.  The snow; the snow falls at insanely fast rates, and does not seem to stop in what seems like an eternity.  I love snow. I love blizzards.  I see them as a chance to sit back and relax, because of course you have an excuse not to leave the house for any commitments.  You can slip into your favorite pajamas, and stay in them for multiple days at end.  You can slip under a blanket, on a couch, by the fire.  You can slip into happiness.

Now enough with the blizzard-talk.  I can however, continue to speak about happiness because it is ever-so present around this time of year.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  Presents, cookies, hot chocolate, SANTA. Wonderful.

The day before Christmas Eve, I also got the treat of meeting up with a bunch of friends at a concert in Boston.  Alex I think mentioned the Mac Miller concert we were all planning on going to in his last entry.  It was so much fun, and was nice to see people outside of school.

Have fun on New Years and be safe.


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