Sleeping socks

April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

It’s getting later and later, and I just allowed myself to climb all the way into bed in full pajamas and almost fall comfortably asleep before realizing that I forgot to write a Glog. This post almost didn’t happen, because I literally couldn’t think of anything to write about for a full 45 minutes, and almost fell asleep a second time.

Even on mildly hot nights like tonight, I generally sleep in my “sleeping socks” from Junior 4 Point. It’s either a testament to how experiences on a grueling, perspective-changing, habit-altering winter camping trip can really stay with you, or they’re just really comfortable socks.

the most comfortable socks ever.


As you can see, they’re a lovely shade of sky blue with a tangerine-esque turtle pattern. This had a cheering effect on even the most unfortunate days of Junior Point. It would be dark, and I would be cold, missing my cell phone and my cat and my habitual midnight in-bed snacks, but then I would climb into my sleeping bag and take off my crusty hiking socks and slip into a blue fleece dream world.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Junior Point. It was a completely new experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Sliding down a mountainside, listening to Harry talk about his grapefruit plant back home in his apartment, eating and drinking out of the same mug, having deep, life talks with my friend Janell before sleeping under a picnic table — these are all memories that I hold dear to my heart, and never plan on repeating.

It may seem odd, but the fact that I even have so many good memories of this time is definitely at least partly because I always had a good pair of socks to turn to at night. Aided by gold bond (as is everything on four point), my feet would magically become dry, cozy, and soft, and I was able to float off to sleep, warmed by my hot water bottle tucked into the waistband of my grandma-style fleece pants and the fact that my feet had become clouds.

I guess that even over a year later (yikes, that makes me feel old), the sleeping socks still work their magic. I can be stressed, tired, angry, sad, whatever, really, and all it takes to put me to sleep is sliding on those magical socks. Maybe it helps me put life in perspective– there’s always an upside to everything when you can say “at least I’m not putting these socks on while being buried in snow under a tarp in the woods.”

As silly as it is, even the small comfort of something like reliable pair of socks is an essential part of life. Some people still have their baby blankets, others de-stress with those strange squeezey stress-balls. If my cat didn’t run off with my earrings (strange habit, I know) and purr so loudly that it makes it impossible to sleep, perhaps I would rely on a pet for that extra calming comfort in life. Whatever it is, it’s important to enjoy the little things in life, and the memories that go with them. It’s weird to think that I’ll never have another four point experience of any kind once I graduate in 36 days (!), so I’m enjoying the nostalgia even more tonight, thinking about the fireside talks and uncontrollable laughter during Junior Point. Even ten years from now, I won’t be surprised if I’m still sleeping in these bright, fleecy slipper-like socks.

Keep it cozy,



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