Skiing Time! (and the false promises of Black Friday in North Conway…)

November 26, 2012


Just wanted to talk a little about my first Black Friday experience! In my short span of memories, I have never traveled outside during the warzone that is Black Friday, but this week I decided to travel on Saturday. Big mistake. I went to North Conway, NH and did a little shopping (we were running out of coffee!). Unfortunately, I had bit off a bit more than I thought I was… very soon after I got into town I noticed this. However, I decided to stick it out.

BUT IT WAS SATURDAY! I shouted to myself more than once, “WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE HERE? IT”S NOT BLACK FRIDAY ANYMORE!” I wish they would just call it Black Weekend to get it over with. I am so glad I decided to go to North Conway instead of Portland. I don’t think I would have made it.

But I had fun, and I saw real snow for the second time this season, and debated doing some hiking at Mt. Washington, at least up to where there was snow. I waited a little while, watched the snow pile up and decided it was in my best interest not too. If I  had been outfitted better, it would have been a lot of fun, I’m sure! However, I made it home safe, and I was happy with that. All of the lakes had frozen by the time I drove by them on the way home! I suppose winter truly is coming! (hopefully it stays this time!)

On another, less stressful note, Thanksgiving camp for the ski racers starts tomorrow! Back on the hill for me!


Have a great week everyone,



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