Ski School?

December 9, 2008

Is Gould a “ski school?” Sure, some of our students are top athletes. Our coaches are among the best in the world. We can see Sunday River from campus. Our winter schedule changes so we can spend more time outside in the light (winter day-length is shorter). But does that make us a “ski school?”

We have kids who choose not to go to the mountain in the winter. We have 3 basketball teams, a vibrant dance program, and a winter drama production. There are students who choose to dedicate their winter activity time to community service. And there’s always time for more. This past Sunday I saw a few basketball players waiting for the bus to the mountain at 7:30 in the morning.

Not everyone who comes to Gould for the on-snow programs is a skiier or rider. One of our most dedicated Nordic skiiers took it up her first year at Gould. A current ski-patrol candidate learned to snowboard while learning how to save a life on the hill.

Gould is a safe and supportive place to learn and to try new things.

I can’t offer pictures of Gould kids learning right now, but perhaps this is a picture of a future Gould kid learning. Reiley had his first day on Snow last weekend and it was a giggle-fest! Thanks for Ms Austin for coming along for the fun.

straighten out those skis

Weeee to Dad!

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