Ski Racing

January 18, 2016

I normally would defer to glogger Brooke B to write about alpine racing, but this morning (Sunday… the day I am supposed to glog. Not Monday, the day I am actually glogging) I had the pleasure to go see a large number for GACP (Gould Academy Competition Program) alpine racers zipping down Monday Mourning at Sunday River. I think they named the run for my feelings when I realize that yet again I have missed the Sunday Punch-out of my glog. It wasn’t that I was just on a Lazy River, I had a few technical issues last night. Ok… no more puns.

Coach Erickson set a tough slalom for the first run of the day. It was fun to get out on the mountain this morning and great to see our students out there on the hill.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

clermont square

Forerunner Ryan Clermont watching his teammates on their way down the hill. Forerunners take the first runs down the course to make sure that the course is set right and everything is ready for the race. Ryan is a rocking racer and an all around great guy. Survey that course, Ryan, survey that course.

Sophie square

This is Sophie Sczurko. She just finished her first run.  She also likes to smile. Sophie will be traveling to China with me in March. Ski, Sophie, ski.

Donovan Square

This is Donovan McKee in the finish area. Donovan is a sophomore and likes to ski fast. He finished so fast I could barely keep him in the frame. He is very conscientious and makes everyone happy. He is a cool guy. Zoom, Donovan, zoom.

MaxG square

This is 8th grader Max Godomsky finishing up the first run. He is very small in the picture… but he is there. I had Max as a rugrat skier a few years ago. The coaches always had to work to keep up with him. He rips up the mountain and ripped up this course. Speed, Max, speed.

Lodge square

This is the Comp Center between runs. The racers eat food… so much food. They warm up and analyze (over-analyze… often complain about… occasionally gloat about) their first run and prepare for their second run. While they all love to ski fast, the camaraderie of spandex, frozen toes, visualizing the course, and bellyaching together makes the sport more special for all of the racers. Prepare for that next run, racers, prepare for that next run.

Until next week…

(I realize I am a day late… but I am two days closer than last week so that is a victory… right, right??? Next week I will be in Ecstasy if I can find a Broadway to complete my glog on time. It will be a Dream Maker. I have just been taken by a Cyclone into the Vortex of a Blackhole. It may have become a bit of an Obsession. I am having Second Thoughts about all of this Risky Business, but I’m Sirius that I’ll stop now. Salvation!)


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