Ski Patrol: Check!

April 21, 2015

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: Do we get partial credit on this vocab quiz? Because I definitely know what those animals are called in English.”

I like doing the dishes. Mine, not yours, of course. But I like doing them. It makes me feel like I’ve finished something, and as a teacher I nevernevernevernever EVER feel like I’ve finished. I keep coming back into my classroom, and it’s still me, but after 24 years at Gould my students are STILL the same age? What’s going on here?

So with dishes, as with taxes, cleaning the car and the barn, and mowing the lawn, I enjoy things that have a clear end point.


And then there’s ski patrol.  One would think that there would be an end to a winter sport that generally requires, you know, snow. But not for us! This weekend Gould quietly (and by that I mean deep stealth) hosted the Outdoor Emergency Care final exam for both Gould students and for the Sunday River ski patrol. The final exam represents an end of sorts, but it is a little fully to think that we’re still “patrolling” on the 19th of April. So for those of you out there still skiing on Glog Mountain, here’s what the test looks like:

  • 100 multiple choice questions designed to tie your brain in a trucker’s hitch knot.
  • 6 practical demonstration stations designed to make you wonder if you should have gotten out of bed in the morning at all.

Ok, maybe not that bad.  But it does take a full Sunday to get 15 people through the questions and the stations. There is a happy ending, however: All four Gould students that took the exam passed, and are now OEC technicians!  Congratulations to Caleb, Fergie, Haley, and Josh for completing their Jedi Patroller training!

Until Refresher Weekend in the fall…


Random Travel Photo:

Wish I were here with Ben. The river is calling...

Wish I were here with Ben. The river is calling…


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