Skateboarding isn’t about Competition

January 20, 2011

There’s a weird thing that happened in the process of rolling out Skate School. People have heard about The Maine SK8 Series and the fact that the Gould Skate Team is a varsity sport. They get the idea that we’re all about competition and how well everyone skates. No way!

The Maine SK8 Series is the lowest level, most chill competitions anywhere. It mostly feels more like a really energized session except at the end we give out product to the winners. There are two levels. A’s are advance and B’s are emerging. There’s a separate comp for girls. These comps are all about skating together, the brotherhood and sisterhood of skaters. There have been people on Skate Team who never skated before and there are people who skate amazing. It all works.

Our skateboard team is a varsity sport which reflects how seriously we take skateboarding at Gould. The thing to keep in mind is that Eric, Toebee and I are first and foremost skateboarders. We skate with everyone, everyday, try to figure out each skater and what they need.

Skateboarding is exactly what you make of it. Make it fun. Progress. Support each other. Skate for life.


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  1. Avatar Ryan Murphy says:

    “Skateboarding isn’t about competition” I agree. First, it is a hobby that we usually do to cool off some steam and have fun as well. I love how everyone is accepted in this community.

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