Skate Team, Progress is a Fleeting Thing

April 29, 2012

P.J.Steber is out for a week, but before he was side-lined, he started killing it frontside.  He was doing frontside 5-0’s and slashers on the quarter-pipe, the half-bowl, and most notably on the Jersey barrier.  When you skate you know that sometimes you can land stuff and other days it just doesn’t work.  Progress doesn’t always move in one direction.

We want to recognize all 20 riders on the team.  Pang learned how to ollie and drop in.  Camden learned one or two new tricks each day.  Mike has back boards on the Jersey barrier.  Evan’s ollie is getting huge.  Matt has smooth lines through the bowl.  Seth ollies every stair set you put in front of him.  Hunter ollies around the park.  James is wounded, but he still takes a great shot.  Tobi is always working his fakie flip and his 50-50 on the hubba.  Damian rocks his frontside 5-0.  Chris never stops.  Will is shooting film and photo now that he’s injured.  Roman’s ollies and kickflips are getting sharper.  Nick s. is working the tech tricks hard.  T.C. is pushing it hard everywhere.  And Lexi is straightening her snap and ollieing bigger than ever.  Riley’s kickflips and ollies are tight.  Rene pushes it wherever he can, including a back 360 out of the bowl.  Here are a few photos Nick Bauregard took.


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