Skate School hits Rye Airfield, Rye, NH

May 9, 2011

How much skating can Skate School skate when Skate School skates? Too much for me!
Ten hours of skating in just two days was way big, but not so for the Skate School crew. At the end of the trip they were talking about skating on Mother’s Day, go figure. All I was thinking about was sleep.
The Skate School kids intuitively warmed up on the micro mini and then took it to the street course where we spent most of our time. Countless ollie snaps rang out through the almost empty park. We had the park to ourselves except for a couple other skaters wondering around. With an almost empty park it didn’t take long to find the flow and really enjoy the place.

Alexa Stewart skated a nice mix of lines, ollies, manuals, pole jams and started working on kickflip to fakie on one of the bank ramps. Greg Doane worked his lines finding more and more flow as the session went on while working on his pop shuvits. Josh Bothwell, over coming pain with a foot injury from the day before,  skated as hard as he could and was stoked to get an ollie to fakie, something he had never done before. The terminator of the trip was Jessie Fried with his lines, fat ollies, tre flip to fakies, tre flip over the two way and to take his tech to a new level he worked his can off to land a 540 flip! Yup, I just wrote that, 540 FLIP!

Skating as hard as the Skate School crew did, all smiles at the end of the trip, talking about how they would skate the next day is something of a rarity. I’m not sure you can find it too many other places other then in skateboarding. If you’ve got this kind of drive maybe Skate School is the place for you. Skate school, check it out.

Eric Breton, Gould Academy skateboard team manager


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