Sibling Love

February 1, 2016

This weekend, it was lovely to see so many families on campus; it is always fun to watch parents come to campus and guess who their children are!  On Sunday, I also got some of my own family time – we played outside for almost 2 hours which is a long time for little people.  There was sledding, swinging, falling down, snow throwing, and always a few tears.  But, it was great to watch my kids play together – especially with matching gnome hats 🙂 (fashion tip)

IMG_6901 IMG_6903 IMG_6908

Today, in West and the World dot 7, this got me thinking about siblings.  I am lucky enough to have 3 siblings and am still close with all of them (my youngest sister, Sarah, teaches 7th grade science this year at Gould).  There are a lot of siblings at Gould – in fact, more than I realized! I never appreciated having siblings until I was older and we could hangout without fighting.  There are nine years between Sarah and me and we have a sister (Lizzie) and  brother (Kevin) in-between.  Growing up with siblings teaches people many important life lessons such as – sharing, arguing, teasing, deception, bribery, and anger management.  All kidding aside, I think I am a better person for having 2 sisters and a brother.  Here are some of our own spiffy Gould siblings!

IMG_2407 IMG_7240 IMG_6913 IMG_6911  IMG_6909 IMG_3614 IMG_3612 1187110_10152328258174595_1074945406_n PB130127IMG_0028

115_0987 RJ & Ashley Humphreys in Austria


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  1. Avatar Martha yules says:

    Excellent post Katie, I had not idea that your sister is Sarah! Loved your message and photos. Who is in the photo of two young blondies?

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