Should Halloween Be this Much Fun..?!?

November 1, 2007

So I get to report on what could go down in history as one of the best days of the year at Gould Academy, well thats how it looked for where I was sitting…….!
To begin with, we were treated by the best rendition of MONSTER MASH I have ever heard. With Jun Lee on lead vocals, he was truly born for that song…!

Then a pretty regular day, if a regular day includes the whole cast of “Anchor Man”being on campus…!
Or college counseling being run by a 70 year thug from Philly…..!And Sam Dasch dressed up as, as, as, I don’t really know….!!
Then Lunch, with a parade of mini ghosts and ghouls (daycare, came into the dinning hall)

Then skiing and snowboarding at Sunday River. Yes you heard me…. students went skiing and riding, and here are the pics to prove it. Cooper Taymore looking classy and Matt Perejda trying to balance on the very tops of his skis. That’s a lot harder than it looks you know….!! There was also other athletic performances today, with cross-country at a big race, girls soccer playing away. And the highlight for me personally. Boys varsity soccer here at home playing Hyde, all I will say is “AWESOME GAME”

Well I’m worn out from the day, but what a day…!!

Chris D


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