Short Video of the First Day

March 15, 2014

Howdy Y’all-

I will try to post a quick video of each day in Beijing. Sometime there are some internet issues so the videos don’t upload to youku (the Chinese version of youtube). But if I can’t get in online during our evening (like last night), I’ll try again in the morning.

I have never been able to get youku videos to embed in the text of a blog, so I will put a link in to the video. It will all be in Chinese, but the controls are pretty much like youtube. There will be a short advertisement before the video.

I hope this works for you. I enjoy making this short views of our day. My videography and editing are rudimentary, but I think you will get a bit of a feel of the sounds and movement of each day.

Today’s video is fairly short and pretty boring… not too much happened. But tomorrow will be a much fuller day!

Hope all is well in the states.



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  1. Avatar Rachel says:


  2. Avatar Anne Perry says:

    Thanks Colin! Love the video posts!

  3. Avatar Linda says:

    Thanks Colin….love the video!

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