Short Post but Great Depth

November 3, 2010

This past weekend me and a couple of close friends went to Kawloon Village, a local Chinese restaurant, that we tend to go to almost once a week.  Eating over some truly amazing American-Chinese food, my good friend Ben Dohrmann made a recommendation that I write this blog about friendship and what my friends mean to me, and what Ben realized in that restaurant what he loved about the people at this place.  The fact that we live with these people and we are with them all day and all night, makes us really appreciate them, and really love them.  When you live with someone they are your family; you might fight with them, you might learn to get to know them, but in the end you will always grow to love them.  Newt blog will be about the same topic in more detail because this is truly what Gould Academy is about. Until next time, sorry about the short post, next time will be better I promise.


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