Shopping for Dirt?

March 16, 2014

Today was our first full day in Beijing and it was a full one.  We started with a morning in the Dirt Market, an outdoor flea/antique/junk market where kids practiced their bartering skills.  After lunch we took the subway up to the Olympic Park for a wander. At the end of the afternoon we did a boys vs. girls race on the subway with each group going one direction or the other on the circular route back to the hostel.  The boys won, barely, and we were reunited in time for dinner at a local dumpling place.  Here are some pics from the day…

Girls at the MarketSmiles All Around at the Market

Where's Waldo?Where’s Waldo?  Can you find the three Gouldies in this pic?

BarteringBartering For Bargains.

New ShadesMatt Stylin’ New Shades

Artist at WorkArtist at Work

Taking Pics at the MarketPosing for Pictures

On the BusMore Smiles

Ridin' the Rails - Beijing SubwayRidin’ the Rails – Beijing Subway

At The Birds NestAt the Bird’s Nest

Victor Flies a KiteVictor Flies a Kite

Beibei Jingjing Huanhuan Yingying and Nini Olympic Mascots


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  1. Avatar Kat Stuart says:

    Great PHOTOS!

  2. Avatar Rachel says:

    Looking good, everybody!

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