Seven Things I’ll Do Before I Graduate.

March 27, 2012

Here we are again, getting settled into the new spring trimester. I already miss the adventures of March break, but now I guess it’s time to look forward to the important few months ahead of us. And it’s hard to believe that this is the last trimester of high school EVER for me, and the other seniors. But, here we go. Spring always seems more busy to me than the other terms. Maybe it’s just my frenetic schedule, which I tend to keep entirely full. Like many other winter Competition Program athletes I am still trying to finish up the ski season and balance that with the new spring activities. Hard to believe that people are still skiing? It’s hard for me to believe, too. After last week I thought I would never see snow again. Finally, the weather has returned to normal, as sad as it may be, but it just isn’t normal for it to be 80 degrees in March. I’m sorry to anyone that is disappointed by that.

Here is a list of things that I, personally, plan to do this spring.

  • Ski one last race on Friday, just for fun. There will be some US Ski Team members there!
  • Perform in the Spring Musical, The Sound of Music (a flashback to my childhood, when I was obsessed with it)
  • Get out with the road cycling team (when I don’t have rehearsal) to learn some cycling skills and stay in shape for skiing
  • Go hiking in the White Mountains as many weekends as possible. (This weekend I did 2 hikes in 2 days, so off to a good start!)
  • Perform a concert with my friend Abbie, a culmination of our musical Senior 4 Points
  • Take 4 AP tests (not my choice per se, but they have to end somehow!)
  • Graduate

I wish I had some more real pictures, but unfortunately I can’t take pictures of the future. I’ll keep you updated on these things when they actually happen. For now, the picture of The Sound of Music will have to suffice. Just for a little context, my entire life from age 6-8 consisted of acting out this musical, in full pageantry, enlisting the acting skills of whichever poor souls happened to be around. I believe there was a point when I could have flawlessly recited and performed the entire movie without so much as a thought. So now you can see how amazingly fitting it is for this to be the show my senior year.

I hope you all have a busy and exciting spring, and remember to enjoy yourself as the end of the year approaches. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring!



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  1. Avatar Spidermom says:

    Can’t wait for the Sound of Music! Hope Craftsbury was fun–you did a good job.

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