Seth Godin on Respect and Love

June 28, 2013

Seth Godin, marketing smart-guy and popular blogger, recently posted about the path from respect to love. Here’s a bit of his message:

Without respect, don’t expect love. There are too many options and too much information for me to fall in love with something incomplete or incompetent. But respect just isn’t enough. Meeting spec will get you respect, without a doubt, but stopping there will never earn you love.

Time to invest in magic. Time to take the risk and leap into the unmapped, unsafe and unreliable territory where love lives.

This message is important for independent schools.

Given the awesome responsibility of our mission and the price tag, being competent and respected is barely sufficient. The sort of transformative learning we aim for requires an emotional bond that only comes from magical people and programs – bright and caring faculty who are delighted by and challenge their students and who lead them to their best selves. Programs that build competence, call for risk and exploration, and unleash creative power.




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