serious shoppers, only

November 8, 2010

With the last week of classes quickly approaching, many would say stress levels are skyrocketing.  I know I can say this is definitely true for me, but also as well as a lot of my friends.  To take a mental break from homework and other stresses here at school, Ms. Oliver took a group of 12 or so to Portland for a “serious shoppers only” trip to both the Maine Mall as well as the Old Port.  We left at 2, and didn’t return until about 10 o’clock Saturday night.  Money, energy, smiles, and more money was spent, but it was all worth it in the end.  All of us shopping fanatics had a chance to “let loose” for a chunk of time this weekend, and get some cute new clothes for the last weeks of school before Thanksgiving break.

Below is a picture of one of Hannah and my favorite treats found in downtown Old Port, right on the harbor.  The famous bubble tea:

have a great week!


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