September IDEAS Center start-up action

October 5, 2014

Proctor Peter Geller

Pilot Geller on board

I’d first like to introduce the IDEAS Center student proctor Peter Geller.  He is a senior, a pilot, a flutist, a dancer and an early adopter of any project and technology happening in the IDEAS Center start-up.  Peter hangs out on his free time and helps many students build RC foam airplanes, one of our more popular modules kicked off last year by Randy Autrey. On Friday, his parts came in for a multi rotor plane, so I suspect he will be generating more student interest in a new direction.

Balloon Test

Payload drop test

Last spring we started our research for launching a high altitude weather balloon. Last week we tested the rate of descent of the payload with the help of Randy Autrey. It was an early morning success! Here is some great footage from the Go Pro inside the payload. Stay tuned for the view at 80,000 feet!

Design Thinking and FFE

I’ve been lucky to be involved in the two renovations to Hanscom Hall and working with Scott Simons, and his firm has taught me how to see space in new ways and has given me to tools to open libraries in Tanzania.  I wanted to open up my good fortune to Gould students and introduce how design thinking and an FFE process can be combined. At a morning assembly, I put out a call for some FFE (furniture, fixture, and equipment) interns. About ten self-identified and will spend the next three weeks interviewing faculty on their space needs and creating storyboards for the empathy and defining phase. At the end of the week we will head to SSA in Portland for a tour of the firm and to listen to a speaker, David Trubridge, at MECA.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.17.10 PMNext?

Here is a taste of what we are working on next–it is a CNC routered sign illuminated by LEDs. Electronics, woodworking, math, typography, and design all in one awesome creation!


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