Senior Must-do : College Visit

October 13, 2013

Hey there!
It is Parents’ Weekend followed by Long Weekend here at Gould – domestic students get to go home with their parents for a few days while international students get to see the US outside our cozy campus. A lot of parents were around; they went to classes and even did some room inspections (Mom, Dad, I miss you loads!).
Anyway, I would like to talk about a senior must-do : college visits. Since my junior year, I did not think college visit was that big of a deal, that is, until I went on a proper college visit last week in Boston with Mrs. Kimball. (International) Seniors, juniors, if you are offered this trip, please do not hesitate to invest in it! Here’s why:

1. You get to experience the feeling of “no I do not want to be here” and “I think I have just fallen in love” after an hour of going to different buildings and asking your tour guide a million things. The school’s website won’t tell you about the little details you care about the school, like whether their printers print double-sided pages or not… You even get to see some Gould alumni, too!
2. You get to taste worldwide cuisines with proper sit-down dinners instead of fast food. International students will do an awesome job at finding a place that offers food from their countries. Chances are that the food there is lower than their standards, but they are so happy to eat something from home that they really want to share their happiness with you. They want you to try everything, and in any cases, do say yes.

3. You get to get away from campus for a few days to appreciate the city lights (especially if you are a city person), and then come back to appreciate those shining stars you can’t see in the city. And you get to get together with awesome people.
As a senior, I can now guarantee to you all that college visits are much more important and interesting than I thought they could ever be. I’m going to see more colleges now, so I’ll leave you with the cat photo of the week:

If anyone can explain to me how cats can sleep in such weird positions, that would be great. Photo from pinterest.

Have a great Long Weekend!



3 Responses

  1. Avatar Rosemary says:

    Great posts lan! Good luck with all the college craziness! (love the crazy cat pic-looks like freckles when he sleeps)

  2. Avatar Hoa says:

    Sounds good, looks funny. Enjoy your student life, my niece !

  3. Avatar Kristen says:

    Great post, Lan.
    I’m so glad you found it beneficial. I actually did, too! It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed all your company (and food!).
    I’m sorry to report that I tried to research why cats sleep in odd positions. Came up dry. Sorry.

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