Senior Four-Point and Chinese Guests

October 8, 2010

Just stepped in from outside – whipping wind and rain! Chilly too – it reminds me, strangely, of July this past summer.

For my Senior-Four Point, I took a backpacking course in Alaska with the National Outdoor Leadership School. What an adventure. The first day of the trip, 13 students and I with, 3 instructors, were bussed into the Alaska Range, dropped on the side of the road, and left. For 28 days.

28 days of no showering, wet socks, and the same 16 people – but these facts can’t describe what an amazing experience the trip was. They certainly don’t convey the fun we had sprinting across the tundra playing “wizards,” the misery I felt waking up with a cold puddle of water in my tent, and the awe I felt at as I looked out over the moraine of a glacier at 10pm, the midnight sun shining in the clear sky. To sum it up: my July of backpacking in Alaska cannot be summed up.

Camped near a lake, early morning fog had completely socked in our campsite when I woke up. A few minutes later it rolled off the tundra.

Taking a break on a ridge, the West Fork of the Susitna River in the distance

Back to fall in Maine. This past weekend about 30 students from three schools in China came to Gould. My family hosted two students from Chengdu, David and Leo. We wandered about the Fryberg fair, carved pumpkins, hiked, ate blueberry muffins, and did other Maine-ish things. It was fun to host again and hear about Chengdu, where I went for my freshman four-point. I had a blast with my host family in Chengdu and I hope all of Gould’s guests had a great time in Maine!

David trying out some fair food - caramel apples!

Have a great weekend!

Alice H


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