New Direction for Senior Four Point!

March 17, 2021

Internships, Travel, Covid—Changes to Senior Four Point 2021

What do emu, Braille typewriters, and John Deere Tractors have in common?  Senior Four Point!

The essence of Senior Four Point encourages Independence, and the depth of both independent and collaborative thought that floated around the Gould campus this week was full of innovation, quiet contemplation, and fits of fun!

The 12th-grade independent project serves as the culmination of a student’s many Four Point travels and learnings. They may have had ideas in mind for their Senior Four Point Projects this year—plans that may not have been possible in a pandemic. Past students have chosen independent service projects they are passionate about, others chose to venture out into various parts of the world. Career explorations or projects that involved travel were off-limits this year.

This year, they stayed on campus in March and used McLaughlin Science Center as their clubhouse during Senior Four Point week. They worked on projects, their presentations, and on connecting with their classmates. Ninth and Tenth graders were on campus as well, participating in a number of fun and creative workshops, and Juniors were in the woods on their eight-day winter expedition.

Senior four point students gather around a table rolling sushi and hanging out on campus.

Rolling sushi in the MSC faculty room they took over during Senior Four Point week.

All work and no play make for a very long day, so seniors took breaks—making sushi, mug cakes, playing chess, crafting the class banner, chatting with alumni, spring skiing—in addition to campus activities for all students.

Seniors finished the week with the first winter disc golf challenge—hopefully an annual tradition—earning prizes for all players that were donated by faculty and friends. Seniors also came together for the first time to share their visions and requests for Commencement.  May 22 will be here before we know it, and they are determined to make it a special and thoughtful celebration.

The first ever senior four point week disc golf tournament! Seniors play disc golf in the snow on nordic skis and snowshoes

Throwing discs on Nordic skis and snowshoes is not as easy as it looks!

Not part of the program? Get with it!

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