Secrets un-earthed (un-snowed?) at Gould Academy

April 19, 2011

As you can see by opening your eyes as you walk around this week, spring has officially sprung in Bethel, Maine.  You know that it’s spring here, because, well, it’s ugly.  I mean, really ugly.  Even my dog doesn’t want to go outside right now.

Growing up, it always seemed to me that spring was a special time, a magical time, a pretty time, darn it!  If you Google “spring,” you first come up with flowers, trees, sunshine, and rainbows (but no unicorns?).  If you Google “spring in Bethel, Maine”,  one of the first images that comes up is (no lie) giant snow people being built.

Really?  That’s spring here?  Yup, that and sand, mud, and dead grass.  Wet, dead grass.

The past week has brought enough rain to roll back the 2010-11 glacier on the upper field, and you will never believe that I found there on a little walk around campus this week:

I found a whole baseball field! Right there, under the snow all along!  Someone should tell Mr. Manning where it is, I know he hasn’t seen it for a while.  In fact, I found several things that I thought you all should know about, and here is a by-no-means complete list of some of them:

  • About a hundred votive candles in a little pile.
  • Snowboarding rails and such
  • 23 pens
  • A REALLY WET towel
  • Liam Gillis’ cell phone (now a paperweight)
  • Mr. Parker’s old car
  • 6 white macbooks (oops)
  • Mr. Penley’s beard
  • 2 XXXL t-shirts (freestyle skier uniforms?)
  • A stack of 2007 final exams (not telling which class)
  • My February sense of humor
  • My 2009 tax returns (so THAT’S where they went…)

It’s always an adventure, walking around campus after winter finally takes it’s ball and goes home.  Hey everyone, do Gould a favor: If you happen across some old pen, trash, whatever, please pick it up.  Then when spring “really” arrives (by this, I mean “black flies”) the campus will once again be the gorgeous place we all remember from last October.

My sense of humor included.


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