Secret Santa

December 8, 2011

So in the true spirit of the Holidays, the 3rd floor in Gehring had their second annual Secret Santa, complete with turkey sandwiches, Christmas tree and swapping of gifts.

This has kick started the holiday decorations all over the dorm – trees, and columns wrapped like gifts, and snowflakes, so very festive.

And the Snowball preparation has begun; yes you heard me correctly. Even though Snowball is

3 days away, the girls have started preparing. So boys put some effort in…!

Kirsten got very, very, very excited....!!

After the gifts, thoughtful conversation and the singing of Elton John songs..! 

The handing out of gifts..

Off to look after Mr Davies now, after she had some meniscus work done on her knee.

Enjoy the snow

The Davies’s’s’s


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