Second Weekend

September 23, 2008

Hi yall,

This week was jam packed with school and sports and the weekend brought games for all sports. Mountain biking had a home race at Sunday River which had a great turn out because faculty brought up a fan van full of kids to cheer on the racers. The race went very well, no injuries, and a podium finish by me. Max finished just behind me in 4th followed by a Camden racer and that rounded out the top 5. After dinner I fired our sauna that is located behind the dining hall. It could be the least known about place on campus but, it is one of the best places relax on campus. Sunday brought the infamous omelet bar at brunch which may be one of the best meals at the academy. Its afternoon now and time to think about the studies, I will talk to you all next Monday.
Signing Out,

Tom Duggan


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