Second to last Tuesday of the school year!

May 19, 2009

The freshmen class went to Funtown Splashtown for Physics Day last Thursday. Talk about taking the concepts out of the classroom! There IS a lot of physics involved in roller coasters… and a whole lot of FUN!

These Funtown pictures are courtesy of Mr. Hedden. I wonder who has more fun at Funtown- the students or their teachers…

Can you tell what this is?

It’s the boarding senior girls sleeping in Ordway Living Room with the morning sun trying (unsuccessfully) to wake them. After movies on the “big screen” and a slumber party they went out for breakfast at our local diner, Crossroads. Why? Just for fun!

Sarai and our bunny, Stella. It’s nice to be able to let the bunnies hop around outside now that the snow is melted and the grass is green. Stella is an anogra rabbit and we harvest her wool a few times a year. We’re considering breeding Stella to our male angora rabbit, Tukee. Anyone interested in a bunny? We’d like to have homes before we breed them.
We have a new garden space in the barn yard. When the garden is well established our goal will be to contribute to our local food bank as well as our own dining hall. This year we’re thinking about creating and supporting good soil. Unfortunately the last thing on that soil was a giant tractor, so we are tilling to loosen the soil a bit. This picture is Jane, learning to work the rototiller without being dragged around the garden! The machine weighs more than she does!

Until next week… which will be exam week… and only 4 days from commencement!


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