Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning…

October 26, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!


For this post, I want to share with you an awesome experience that some fellow “Gouldies” and I had last weekend. On Saturday night, Mr. Riley had a midnight hiking trip. But Mr. Riley didn’t give us a single detail about where we were going.

When we finally pulled up to the trail head, we all clambered out of the van, strapped on our packs and began our ascent. It was a short-ish hike, roughly 2.5 miles.

Here we are on top of the mountain at roughly 11:30
(Photo taken by Jay Riley)

From left to right back row: Tim (’14), Dimitri (’16), Tristan(’14), Evan (’15), Me, Nick (’16), Stephen (’14), Delaney (’14), Molly (’14), Kenzie (’13), Front row: Maddie (’14), Will (’14), Lexi (’14), Bouji (’14)

This tough crew literally hiked up, and I say this in complete honesty, a river. That day’s rain storm was cascading down on us. Once we hit the summit, we all sprinted around getting warm and dry clothing on. After that, we all got into a group and ate coconut M&M’s and told some stories.

Eventually, everyone broke off into their little “colonies” and watched the stars. They were spectacular. Hiking up the river was worth it because we escaped the light pollution and were able to really see the night sky. As the night progressed, multiple shooting stars streaked across the enormous expanse of darkness.  Unfortunately, I only got about 90 minuets of sleep that night, but if I could do this trip over again, I would do it every time and twice on Sunday! It was really a great time.

Now, about the title. Due to the beautiful stars, I was reminded of the Peter Pan line, “Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning”  because we literally went straight on ’till morning.

This trip was one for the books.

Here are some pictures of the morning:


(Photo taken by Delaney Pals)


(Photo Taken by Delaney Pals)

Thats me in the red hat!!!


(Photo taken by Delaney Pals)

This trip was something that I will always remember.

Until Next Week!



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