Second day on the Serengeti

March 21, 2014

leopardFrom Matt Ruby earlier today ….

Second day on the Serengeti. As I write, we’ve watched a female leopard join her son in a tree
to feed on a carcass while a hyena circles below.

As we attempted to sleep last night we could hear laughing hyenas, roaring lions, and alarmed zebras.

Lots of journaling by Gould and Tumaini students even amidst  this excitement. Sara designed common writing prompts that
generate a lot of  conversation and writing.

We’re having wonderful meals and the good fortune of the Serengeti’s finest restrooms and showers at our

Life is good!

ngorongoro crater

(Ngorongoro Crater)


TZ lion


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  1. Avatar sherry says:

    Great pictures and comments. I would like to see more pictures of the kids and I hope someone takes a group picture before you leave the Serengeti.

    • Avatar Cary Huggins says:

      Wow…how amazing. You all must be in awe….challenging to sleep, I bet…glad to hear you are writing lots!

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