Sea Chanters and LAX

March 31, 2011

So were are back in the swing of things at Gould, practices of sports at all times of the day due to the amount of snow we have on all our fields, but everybody is flexing in different directions and team work is key at this time.
This week has been really busy, lots of visits from prospective students, campus is being cleaned up for revisit day next week and we had our first spring formal dinner. The wardrobe has changed and all the inhabitants of Gehring were in their spring dress’s despite the 30 degree temps outside…. You Go Girls!!

After dinner we had the pleasure of attending a Mahoosuc Art’s Presentation of  The United States Navy Band Sea Chanter Chorus. For those of you who don’t know, there are 3 required performances throughout the year for the students, with parents and the local community of Bethel invited. The students are often sent into the auditorium kicking and screaming saying I have homework etc etc ….this was no exception.
This was a very special one off performance for Maine and the Bethel area. The Sea Chanters tour every spring and they approach different communities in different states on a 5 yr rotation and this year we were chosen because of Senior Chief Musician Georgina L. Todd,  whose has a connection to the area…. thanks Gina…. yes we have a connection to her too.

Friend of Bethel Gina up front


I mentioned kicking and screaming earlier….. but after what was an amazing performance we heard comments like ….great, brilliant, amazing wow… and a lot of the students stopped and chatted with the sea chanters. The event was well received by all and there was a happy vibrant bunch of students leaving the auditorium. At lunch yesterday a lot of the staff talked about how many students had commented on the concert…..

To change gears…..

We attended our first Varsity Lacrosse game of the season, we traveled with the boys on the bus to New Hampton…. a good 2 hr drive…. and yes, they have the same snowy baseball field we have and were having the same challenges with everybody fighting for training space.
It was hard game for the Huskies with an 11-4 loss. I am back Tweeting the results as they happen when I attend games so check me out at @britchick59 on Twitter if you like to follow the game.

Finally Good Luck to Coach Davies and the Snowboard team who are heading to Nationals in Copper Co tomorrow…. and yes its going to snow 12 inches tomorrow in Bethel.

Spring is on its way ….honest
Helen D


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