Saying It True

June 10, 2011

By Jesse Fried

May 13, 2011

So far, I’ve had a really great experience at Skate School. I enjoy the staff and the entire Gould community. My favorite part of the day, besides skateboarding, is stretching and visualization. After we stretch we watch a skate film. Eric, the team manager, has very good taste in movies and is an awesome guy in general. We also took a trip to Rye Jesse FriedAirfield with Eric. It is May 13th and we are in Woodward, Pennsylvania with pro skateboarder, Tobe Parkhurst. He is a great guy and I can’t believe we have the opportunity to actually skate with him. We made many stops to visit different skate parks on our way to and from Woodward. We visited Bristol, Middlefield, and Middletown, CT,  Sayreville, NJ,  York and FDR in PA. One of my favorites was the Middletown park. It is very small and brand new. Every single one of the parks is different. It was very fun and exiting and I encourage 8th and 9th grade students to sign up for Skate School. I am so grateful for Dave Bean’s idea to combine learning and skateboarding into a program. It has also made me think differently about how I should stay on top of my school work. I have realized that I can do my school work before I go and skate, so I don’t have to worry about it after I’m done skating.


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