Say That Again?

October 19, 2013

Happy Saturday Glogworld!

So I did a little survey the other day and asked a handful of students and teachers, myself included, to read aloud these completely random sentences that I created on the spot. These sentences contained a particular word that some people pronounced differently. For example, “kara-mel” or “car-mel”. Below is the “day-tah” that I collected.


GENUINE… Gen-u-win: 42   VS.   Gen-u-wine: 2

WATER… Wah-ter: 45   VS.   Whu-der: 2

CARAMEL… Car-mel: 14   VS.   Kara-mel: 33

SYRUP… Sear-rup: 29   VS.   Sir-rup: 17

DATA… Day-dah: 25   VS.   Dad-ah: 21

ROOM… Room: 40   VS.   Rum: 4

BUTTON… But-tin: 11   VS.   Buh-en: 29

BEEN… Bin/Ben: 34   VS.   Bean: 3

CRAYON… Cray-yawn: 17   VS.   Cran: 20

CANDIDATE… Can-ni-date: 15   VS.   Can-di-date: 7   VS.   Can-ni-dit: 10

BAGEL… Bay-gull: 30   VS.   Ba-gull: 4

Now this is a really rough “day-dah” table because I kept adding new words throughout the day. I think if I were to do this experiment again, (which I totally will but with something else), I’ll have a better, more thourough plan and ask a certain amount of people. I also realize that this is only a few words of the many that people pronounce differently but I couldn’t include them all! I had a lot of fun listening to the people read the sentences because they had no idea what the purpose was because I told them it was a secret. I only got confused and disgruntled looks and a lot of laughter!

Until next Saturday!

“Whenever possible, keep it simple”
~ fortune cookie #4


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