Safe and Sound

February 18, 2011

The group arrived safe and sound right on time today at 4:25pm. Luggage was collected, bus was loaded and it was off to Beijing. The trip into town took more than an hour with the evening traffic. We arrive at Kings Joy Hotel and watched in amazement as our bus driver maneuvered the 52 passenger bus into a drive next to the hotel, something that looked mathematically impossible, all during rush hour ….The students dropped things off in their rooms, washed their face and it was time for dinner. The students walked to dinner in small groups and we met at a local restaurant. Junmei and Jane our Gould guides ordered a wonderful dinner with new tastes and textures. A short walk around the neighborhood and it was off to bed. Tomorrow, the Great Wall.


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  1. Avatar Sara Shifrin says:

    What phrases were exclaimed as they walked on the Wall?

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    Have a great time. We love to see your posts and pictures!

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