Sat in the Dorm

January 14, 2010

Well it’s another Wednesday night, time for me to write the Glog for the week…..
So what should I write…?? Hhhhmmmm

Lets do a night in the life of a dorm duty…. And I’ll get some pics if anything groovy happens.

5:30pm – Dinner, this is when everyone can catch up and find out if there is anything on the agenda, like students out of dorm for races or comps.

7pm – All dorm students, should check in to the dorms. And be accounted for.

7-9pm – Study-hall, a quiet time in the dorm, when students work on homework, assignments and revision, typically in their own rooms. Nate Hassett busy working…

During this time, there are also students signing out of the dorm, to go to the library, art cottage, math center etc….

9-9:30pm – Is free time, “yeehaaaa” where the boys come and watch the end of basketball games, in the lounge area, or head to each others rooms to play video Sam and Spencer playing FIFA

games. Some head out of the dorm as well, to visit friends other dorms, tune skis/snowboards etc. In the spring they play out on the field. But NOT tonight, as the temps are bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold.

9:30pm – Everyone back in the dorm.
Tonight there are actually dorm snacks “yippppeee”…. this can get a little chaotic
sometimes. I didn’t even have time to take a picture, I just got this one after they were done.

10pm – Into your own room and lights out for underclassmen.
This is when there is a certain calm engulfs the dorm, and the duty staffs work is almost done…..Aaaahhh

11pm – Seniors and PG’s to their beds, and another day ends at Gould Academy.

The End

PS. Did everyone check out the Gould Auction site, some great stuff, and a strange picture under the Snowboard Coaching lesson from moi’.
I’ve heard if the price gets to $100 there’s another picture……!

Until next TTFN
Chris and Helen

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