Santa, Angels, Muppets…

December 25, 2007

Well, I have to say it… Merry Christmas! Apologies to all who don’t observe the holiday, but in this country you certainly would have a hard time ignoring it!

I grew up in a Christian family, but not an overly religious one. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year though because I know we’ll be with family. Right now we’re with the Wilkerson side of the family, which includes both of my parents, my younger brother and my older sister and her family. My sister has a daughter, Kate (3 ½), who is one of Reiley’s (17 months) favorite people in the whole world! She is very excited for Christmas, but she has things a little confused. The other day she explained to me how Santa gets around on Christmas Eve. Santa and Baby Jesus (he’s always a baby in her mind) get in the sleigh and are pulled around the world by angels! Of course it makes sense… Angels fly, reindeer don’t. And as for Baby Jesus and Santa, they MUST know eachother! Who am I to say she has it confused… maybe she’s right! My mom is having a very hard time with the confusion of religion, myth, and fantasy. Oh well. Pete (Mr. Hedden) is having a hard time figuring out the physics behind Santa’s whirlwind journey.

Kate decorated cookies for Santa. Kate decorates cookies with colored sugar the same way we sand the driveway! Grab a handful of sugar, wind up a side-arm-throw, and CHUCK it onto the cookies! One snowman cookie would have needed an avalanche beacon to be found under the mountain of sprinkles! That was the special one for Uncle Pete (aka Mr Hedden).

The music of choice for our holiday spirit is a Muppet Christmas CD. The kids have gone to bed, so I guess it’s the “big kids” who are listening to our favorite puppets sing. A personal favorite is the 12 Days of Christmas. It features Miss Piggy with the “Fiiiiiive gooooldeeen riiiiings!” and Doctor Bunson Honeydew with his sidekick, Beaker. Beaker, of course, only sings, “mi mi mi mi mi,” because that’s all he ever says!

We did go to a celebration of Christmas where we sang Silent Night, Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and others. Fortunately it was a kid-friendly service and their rendition of Joy to the World made me want to jump up and clap my hands. At the end of the service the speaker spoke of our families- the ones we’re born into and the ones we choose. I’m now with the family I was born into. And when I go back home to Bethel I’ll again be with the one I’ve chosen. I do feel blessed for both.

Enjoy the time off from school and work. Until next week, GLOGGERS!


OK, I just previewed the post, and the red words “Baby Jesus” are the biggest words on the page! I’ve been trying to make the words the same size as all the others, but it stays large! I’m not computer illiterate… maybe it’s a sign- Baby Jesus really might be the most important part of Christmas!! Santa will be disappointed!

Happy holidays!


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