S-n-o-w-b-a-l-l PREP!!

December 10, 2014

Holiday season is hereeeeeeeeeeee and it ain’t going anywhere for a few more weeks. That means we can indulge in all sort of activities that we normally wouldn’t ( but we sort of want to do it year-round): christmas songs, decorating christmas tree, eating ( A LOT) of bread and cookies duh, and …. SNOWBALLLLLL.

For all of you that are new here, Snowball is Gould’s version of Prom. Yeah, I know, we have Prom in the middle of the year, right at Christmas. How cool is that?? Of course, the food is spectacular! As Mr Penley said, “It’s the second best meal of the year!”. There will be sushi, fancy dresses, and a lot of dancing!

For the past two days, our Rugrat crew have been helping out with snowball prep. Sure, it was tiring but also super fun! Check out the pictures below:





Have a lovely week everybody!


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