Rupees & Packing

January 30, 2013


Rupees Rupees Rupees


Lorenzo Baker will be exchanging dollars for Rupees prior to the trip. Parents need to approve the charge to their child’s bookstore account AND ensure that there are funds available. $300 is the suggested amount. You can email your permission to Lorenzo Baker ( or let him know at the Parents’ Weekend Four Point Meeting.



Travel Check List

9th grade Four-Point



•One medium size suitcase or duffel bag (to be checked through to Delhi)

•One carry-on (backpack for daily trips)

Carry-on Bag Restrictions

•No sharp objects

•No lighters or matches (you shouldn’t have them anyway!)

•No aerosol cans

•Small amounts (3 oz.) of liquid/gel-based products may be carried in a plastic bag.



•All clothing should be in GOOD CONDITION!  No holes, tears, patches….

•Classroom dress is expected.  NO JEANS, even for the plane ride.  Boys’ shirts should be collared.  Girls shirts must be long enough to tuck in and stay in– bare midriffs or low cut shirts are socially unacceptable.  All shirts must have sleeves, short sleeves are alright as well!  We will be experiencing two very different weather conditions – mid 80’s in Delhi and between 37 & 47 in Gangtok…quite a range!

Suggested clothing:

-3  pairs of pants (dark)

-4 shirts (2 light weight, 2 warmer)

-1 light-weight fleece/sweater

-1 heavier fleece for layering while in Gangtok.

-1 waterproof jacket.

-Undergarments and socks


-One pair of comfortable shoes (you will be walking everywhere in India!)

Toilet Articles

-Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, brush, 6 small packets of tissues etc.



  • Journal  (distributed by Gould)
  • Digital Camera, extra memory cards
  • Books and magazines
  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer (pack in suitcase)
  • Several pocket size packets of tissues
  • Small head lamp for reading at night
  • Personal music system—may be used when traveling, but NOT on tours or group activities.
  • Host gift—Please see one of the chaperone’s if you are having trouble finding a gift!
  • No Computers
  • No Cell phones

****Remember that you will need to carry all of your luggage during our two long traveling days.  Pack efficiently and as lightly as possible, you will want space to bring things home!




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