Ropes Course Event

September 17, 2010

This was a fabulous trip filled with laughter, smiles and trust-building.  I appreciated the students willingness to become involved in the low and high ropes elements and share their thoughts about how the group worked to complete a challenge in an honest and respectful manner.  The common theme in my group was to communicate effectively which involved listening to each person.  My group and the other groups began to achieve success as they become more open to various ideas and solutions to problems.  This was exemplified by Nika standing at the top of the Dangling Trio with Marcello and Caili and calling to Max L to get someone to take a picture of their achievement.

I want to thank the eight faculty and one parent volunteer who re-arranged their schedules to make this event possible.  Each person’s many contributions have helped to make this day special.

I also want to thank the class of 2014 for being open to this experience and taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with their fellow students and faculty.  Your energy was contagious and leaves me feeling that I am lucky to have this wonderful group of students on campus.

Stay tuned for more pictures.


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  1. Avatar Judith weiss-Chislov says:

    Go class of 2014, way to embrace the “Roller Coaster” !

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