Ropes Course Adventure at Camp Kawanhee

September 17, 2011

The students braved unsettled weather on Thursday to go to Camp Kawanhee in Weld, Maine to participate in group building activities. Chris Hayward engaged the group upon their arrival with some large group games including having all the kids hold hands will stepping through hula hoops. The students were then divided into five groups and ask to complete some low ropes course challenges such as the spider’s web, the wall, the nitro crossing, and others. After lunch the students were challenged to complete some high rope course elements that included climbing a 35 foot hight telephone pole, standing on top and jumping to a dangling trapeze. The also walked across a suspended telephone pole 30 feet off the ground and work with one or two partners to complete some other climbing elements. The students were in harnesses and belayed by experience faculty members as the watching students gave advice, cheered, and enjoyed the afternoon. It was a wonderful day that will live in the memories of all who attended.



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