October 22, 2007

It’s Monday again, like every week, and I’m ready to write some more glog. It’s been a good week, maybe it was because we really only had two real days of school, but it was a good week. Even though we had only two days of school, I was able to pick up another tid bit of classroom trivia. This week’s comes from Hon. Spanish 4 with Jefe, and the question is… who is the servant of el Conde Lucanor? we’re talking about old literature of Spain right now.

Last weeks trivia was pretty easy, I gave a few hints for those of you witty enough to pick that up. Mr. Manning said he knew it without the clues, seeing as how he used to be a Tufts Jumbo, yes there mascot is the Jumbos, like elephants.

This Saturday was kind of an interesting day. Sophomores and Juniors did some PSAT and PLAN testing, which is a lot of fun, trust me on this one. Us seniors were split up, with each of us given an English teacher to help us work on our college essays. I went with Mr. Bean and he helped me a lot on focusing my essay on to a specific part of my study abroad to Ireland I did the fall of my junior year. I re-wrote the whole essay, but it was definitely worth it, I like it a lot better now.

At the assembly before that though, we kicked off the first ever annual RESIDENTIAL RUMBLE. We’re starting a year long competition between Gehring, Holden, Davidson, and the Day Students, with different competitions all through out the year and a point system. At assembly, each team sent up an under classman, upper classman, and faculty member. We did a little wiffleball Homerun Derby, whichever team hit the most balls into the balcony would win. Each player got three swings and Davidson got a win with 2 homeruns.

We did this surprise assembly to get people pumped about the big event that night, where there was a huge Dodgeball Tournament down in the fieldhouse. We did a double elimination bracket, and I have to say that it was the most intense dodgeball I have ever played, and I’ve played a lot of dodgeball in my day. Gehring didn’t fair too well out on the court, but they had a lot of team spirit, Cammie and Katherine went all out and they get my respect for that. Holden did pretty well, but it came down to Davidson and Day Students in the Championship. Davidson had beat us once already, but we (I’m a Day Student, till the day I die) beat the other teams to earn our way back into the championship. They had a lot of participation, making there team real big. We had about half as much players, something we’ll have to work on for next time. We had an amazing game where we weeded down their 38 players and eventually won, a real underdog story. Because they hadn’t lost yet though, they needed to lose twice to get out. Sadly, we couldn’t beat them the second time, and Davidson put another win under their belt, getting off to an early lead in the Residential Rumble. It was a lot of fun for everyone, and really intense, no, I mean it, really intense.

I believe the next competition for the Residential Rumble is that over the next few weeks each team needs to decide on a team color and mascot, like the Purple Mongooses or Pink Pirates, and then once the materials come in, design a team flag to use throughout the year. Then, on a date announced later, we’ll have a day of team pride and the unveiling an judging of the flags. There is much pride within the dorms and day students and the competition should be exciting and fun. We’ll just have to see who wins…

That’s about it for now, a lot is happening and this Residential Rumble is getting things going too, tune in next week for some more Gould updates.


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